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About Stable Planet Alliance

A transition from the Holocene to Anthropocene


Over 12,000 years, human civilization has flourished within a tantalizingly brief window of climate stability. 


This Holocene Era brought something unique and important: predictability and prosperity.  Predictable, favorable seasons enabled agriculture and settlement, art and culture, economies and cities. Humanity could innovate and advance. 

Now in the 2020s, we have long left that era of stability, and are now deeply in the Anthropocene. Despite stark evidence of climate change, biodiversity loss and social erosion, and countless scientists' warnings, humanity has not brought about the crucial transformative change needed.  We have entered a highly unpredictable period which will increasingly disrupt our civilization.


For decades, people avoided discussing population or questioning wasteful consumption.  But this taboo is catastrophic.  Population and consumption are the 'multiplier threats' undermining all our other environmental and social emergencies globally - climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean plastics - even equity, social service erosion and justice.  Without addressing them, we cannot hope to make progress on all the others.

At Stable Planet Alliance, we are re-igniting this conversation to shift our global trajectory.  The world doesn't have to careen off a cliff.  We can change our future.  And we are taking action.

Shifting the conversation on population and consumption

Stable Planet Alliance's members are committed to better outcomes:  a wiser, gentler global society that learns from its mistakes.  A healthy and sustainable population.  A global culture of sufficiency.  Transformative public policies.  And a plan for a resilient life-affirming planet as a legacy for our children, at least seven generations forward. 

​Stable Planet Alliance's member organizations will collaborate to shift public policy and public narratives about these two most gravely mistreated issues by 2030. Our ambitious goal? To stabilize and then reduce population and consumption - fast, ethically, collaboratively, and led by women around the world. 

Humans created this situation. We can change it.  We'll collaborate on policies and norm-shifting media narratives to bring about a healthy and sustainable population of c. 3 billion by the mid-2100s - and a growing culture of sufficiency, rather than waste, excess, and soullessness. 

We are scientific, legal, social, health, education, gender, empowerment, faith, cultural and grassroots organizations and people.  We will make progress where others haven't.  Weaving the perspectives and leadership voices of global women, social and planetary justice, indigenous wisdom knowledge, and the insights of global change science, we will activate two crucial activities over the next decade: transformative public policies and diverse conversations. 

Our progress will be measured through human and planetary metrics. Watch this space. Join us!

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