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Why a stable planet?

Professor Johan Rockström explains how our civilization has arisen and flourished in a stable climate and stable planet  -  and how little time we have left to keep it that way.

Our crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, planetary and human health, and social inequities require truly urgent, sweeping, broad-based action to be well underway by 2030.


It's a perilously short time for humanity to make the changes needed in so many dimensions - economic, political, cultural, psychological.  At the same time as taking dramatic climate mitigation, restoration and adaptation measures,  we'll need to experiment with wiser, fairer, more sustainable ways of living and learn from our collective mistakes. 


If we cannot do this, in this decade, climate instability will make species extinctions soar and our civilization almost impossible to sustain.  But - we believe we can.  And we're determined to try.


Our mission

​The Stable Planet Alliance is a broad global coalition of like-minded, dynamic, respected organizations,  networks and experts - all working to bend the curve on overshoot population and consumption while regenerating the Earth.

We are doing this through transformative, ethical, empowering, norm-shifting public policies and public conversations about population (our numbers), consumption (our appetites), and our mindsets. 

Our vision

We can change our future.  And we are changing it.

Our growing alliance is committed to better outcomes: a wiser, gentler global society which has learned from its mistakes.  A healthy, equitable, sustainable population.  A global regenerative culture of sufficiency.  And a wish to leave a planet we can be proud of to our children and grandchildren, and other species - at least seven generations hence. 

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