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Shifting conversations and policies on overshoot, human numbers, appetites, and mindsets



















Stable Planet Alliance is a global coalition of lively, dynamic and respected organizations and experts around the world, dedicated to creating large-scale social change to reduce human impact on our exquisite planet. Our alliance members convened in late 2021, deeply impatient with the silencing discourse on ecological overshoot, population and consumption, and the human mindsets that drive them.


We are fiscally and administratively sponsored by Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, an administratively and legally supportive 501 (c)(3) non-profit. 

We're making progress on reducing human planetary impact through collaborative, norm-shifting public narrative and public policy change on Earth overshoot, where others cannot succeed alone.  To this narrative and policy work, we bring leadership voices of global and indigenous women, men and youth on social and planetary justice, wisdom, global change science, and large-scale social change. Our goal:  the transition to a kinder, wiser ecological civilization. 

Our progress will be measured through social and planetary metrics - in progress.  Join us!


Photo of Cllr Freddie Lane, Lummi Nation,  by Julia Simmons

A transition from the Holocene to Anthropocene


For 12,000 years, human civilization flourished within a fleeting, precious window of climate stability. 


This Holocene Era brought something unique and important: predictability and prosperity.  Predictable, favorable seasons enabled agriculture and settlement, art and culture, economies and cities. Humanity could innovate and advance. 

Now in the 2020s, we've left that era of stability.  We're now deeply in the Anthropocene. Despite stark evidence of climate change, biodiversity loss and social erosion - and countless scientists' warnings - humanity has not brought about the crucial transformative change needed. 


We've entered a highly unstable, unpredictable period which is already disrupting our civilization.

For decades, people avoided discussing population or even questioning wasteful consumption. 

After all: weren't these our natural human rights? 


But these taboos - and our entitlement mindsets - have accelerated incredibly dangerous ecological overshoot. 


Our silence is catastrophic. It dramatically undermines the rights of women and children, future generations, the rights of every other species on this planet, and the future of the ecosystems which sustain us all. 

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