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Colleagues in Stable Planet Alliance are committed to contributing to the creation of a compassionate and ecologically sustainable world. We recognize that we live in a globalized civilization that is self-destructing ecologically, and possibly through nuclear war. Despite the enormity of the task, we are determined, with others, to do what we can to turn things around. This requires mobilizing concerted public will to change our destructive system.

We celebrate that there are millions of groups that care about environmental and social well-being, and many healthy initiatives are underway. We think that aligned to a shared overarching goal –creating a compassionate ecologically sustainable world – we can become orders of magnitude more influential. Groups can champion this – and help folks come to terms with what’s involved – while still pursuing their primary missions.

Colleagues in the Alliance have (or develop) exceptional communication skills. Among other things we may do, we introduce our family, friends, networks, leaders and influencers to the idea of aligning to change public mindsets. We champion the goal of creating a compassionate ecologically sustainable world, and help people recognize that reducing both economic growth and population are essential for our long-term well-being.

We are in the business of changing mindsets. Our communication tools enable people to think more realistically and comprehensively about the profound changes necessary to pull out of our ecological nosedive. Some of us also teach techniques people can use for themselves to resolve their own emotional issues.

We have two types of colleagues. Citizen Communicator speaks with family, friends and their own networks of people. Stable Planet Catalysts speak with organizations that may have alignment with Stable Planet and also reach out to unlikely allies.

Here some reasons you might join us in creating our new world. You have the opportunity to:

  • Surpass what you thought they were capable of

  • Contribute to something that gives meaning to life.

  • Belong in a community that appreciates and celebrates them.

  • Create deep and close relationships with others.

  • Continually learn new ways of being, thinking and doing.

  • Become a leader in building a compassionate world.

  • Co-create the ecologically sustainable world we want to live in!

Steps to becoming a colleague

The first step is to read:


Although some of the ideas will be very familiar to you, some may be novel and potentially useful.

Practice runs

We recommend that you do a practice run with the following two innovative communication tools. This will give you a feel for the tools. At the end of the day, however, you may or may not use the tools; you will be acting as an autonomous agent aligned to our overarching purpose of affecting public mindsets. You will of course do this in your own way.

  • An Outreach Conversation 


This conversation introduces the idea of a new kind of social change movement based on mindset change.

Although improvised, the conversations more or less follow the sequence of ideas outlined in Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change.


  • Our slide deck is here.

  • A sample conversation is here.

  • Kitchen Table Conversations


We use printed beer coasters to enable people to keep track of conversations about the major drivers of CO2 emissions and other ecological damage. Kitchen Table Conversations can also be done online.

  • A short course with a training video is here.

  • A Word document with draggable icons for conducting Zoom conversations can be downloaded here.
    A PowerPoint slide with draggable icons is here.


A Kitchen Table Conversations Kit with physical pieces for live conversations can be purchased here.  

Although the first go could feel awkward (as with any new tool!) we don’t perceive these tools to be difficult to use. They expand people’s mental maps (including our own!).

We will be encouraging a multitude of people to use these tools, since this is the most direct way we have to affect people’s thinking. We ourselves would do well to have experience with them. 

Pace yourself! It is not necessary to do it all at once.

And for completeness (we do not want to overload anyone!), we also have an optional Escalating Disasters slide deck. This is for a preliminary conversation to bring home to people the reality of disastrous ecological trends.

Review conversation

If you decide that you would like to become a colleague, please contact me to arrange to have a Review Conversation with another member of the Alliance. This conversation will help you integrate the ideas behind this approach, and build your connection with the network.

Questions for the Review conversation are here. They are quite straightforward and this is not a quiz. 

Colleagues of Stable Planet Alliance

You are a respected colleague and an autonomous agent. Nobody directs what you do. And you agree to support and promote changing mindsets and declaring our intention to create a compassionate and ecologically sustainable world. You initiate your own actions, perhaps working along with others. Aligned to the goal of catalysing public commitment to our newly evolving world, and recognizing that relationships and communication are key, we all go about this in our own way.


Please let us know when you feel you are ready for a Review Conversation. And you may address any queries to 

Pam Pence

Executive Director
For the Stable Planet Alliance

Catalyzing a movement to create a compassionate and ecologically sustainable world!

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