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What we do

A global alliance, bending the curve on ecological overshoot - by shifting public policies and public conversations on population, consumption, and mindsets

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Shifting public policy at global and national scales

Shifting public perceptions of our lives, responsibilities, and purposes

Shifting social and economic goals towards meaning, purpose, and regeneration, away from waste

What we do


We can't accept the silence of global organizations, society and the UN on population - one of the two biggest drivers of planetary overshoot and our social, climate and biodiversity crises. It doesn't really matter if population or consumption is the bigger problem - they're mathematically intertwined (but definitely non-linear!). For our climate, planet and civilization, we need ethical and quick solutions. We're working with our alliance partners to shift public policy and set clear goals  at the UN and national scales. We're working to stabilize our global population through focus on smaller, healthier, better educated families, empowered  women and girls, and wiser men and boys.

Quality, and survival, not quantity. 


Conversations and storytelling are how people have always shaped our thinking, understanding, and values.  Just getting people talking about population and consumption is a big, surprisingly powerful part of the solution.

GirlPlanet.Earth and Population Conversations are our first two global dialogue platforms for girls and women to read and share personal and professional narratives, questions, ideas and solutions - shaping their lives' purpose, goals and meaning. But of course, boys' and men's voices on their lives, ideas of success, family and happiness are also crucial for change, so we're focusing on them, too.

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How much do we really need to be healthy and happy?  Many people have realized that above a certain point of sufficiency, more 'stuff' doesn't make us happier. And it certainly doesn't make us healthier. 

Our economy has also been fueled by extraction, consumption and greed, rather than regeneration, meaning and purpose. So we also invest in the global move towards a regenerative economy, society, and food systems. Our members actively work towards a regenerative future where inequality is reduced and everyone has enough. Call it "enoughism:" a culture of sufficiency rather than waste. It's a big part of the solution to our planetary crises. And for the wealthy and middle class, it starts with mindset.

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