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Earthlings Gallery

As part of our mission to spotlight humanity’s impact on this exquisite planet, each month we'll showcase compelling photography by women from around the world to inspire conversations, actions and solutions. We are commited to telling the truth about the destabilizing impacts of humans on earth, with a vision of a kinder, wiser, more balanced civilization. 

Sometimes ineffably beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, awful and unflinching, the unique lens of these gifted photographers illuminates the world that is, the world that was, and the world that could be once again. Through nature-based themes, Earthlings Gallery presents passionate, brave and determined individuals working to protect biodiversity, wildlife, domesticated species, and the ecosystems which support us all during and beyond the Anthropocene.

Featured photographer: Gillian Edom
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Gillian Edom works as an oral history consultant in West Sussex. Throughout her life she has had a keen interest in the natural environment, botany and the study of the relationship between plants, people and cultures.


Her extensive research on the European Stinging Nettle led to a postgraduate degree studying nettle fibre extraction at De Montfort University.  Her knowledge of nettles includes their biology, botany, folklore and uses, with a special interest in nettle fibre use.  Gillian's book 'From Sting to Sting, a History of Nettle Fibre', brings together evidence of how nettle fibre was used in many countries from the earliest times until the Second World War.


During the last few years she has become more involved in activities to help mitigate climate change and the loss of biodiversity.  With her camera in hand she engages in foraging walks for edible plants and mushrooms, and creates paper and ink from natural materials.


"I'm currently heartbroken about our loss of biodiversity, social injustice and the overall impact of climate change and people's general lack of concern and action, so I help to create meadows, plant trees and work in the local community to bring change for the good.  I am not a professional photographer and use an ordinary camera to capture the transient details of life that are influenced by shape, colour, texture and perspective.  It is a compulsion."


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