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Earthlings Gallery

As part of our mission to spotlight humanity’s impact on this exquisite planet, each month we'll showcase compelling photography by women from around the world to inspire conversations, actions and solutions. We are commited to telling the truth about the destabilizing impacts of humans on earth, with a vision of a kinder, wiser, more balanced civilization. 

Sometimes ineffably beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, awful and unflinching, the unique lens of these gifted photographers illuminates the world that is, the world that was, and the world that could be once again. Through nature-based themes, Earthlings Gallery presents passionate, brave and determined individuals working to protect biodiversity, wildlife, domesticated species, and the ecosystems which support us all during and beyond the Anthropocene.

Featured photographer: Julia Simmons
Julia Claire Barnard Simmons_Karoo.png

Wildlife and nature photographer and life scientist Jules Simmons, born and raised in wild Namibia and urban South Africa, brings a love for information, numbers and the power of the internet, and a keen eye for light, texture and composition, to her work. She is a part-time film researcher with

Transmediavision USA productions, and a full-time life science student keen to bring nature, species and the beauty of our dynamic Earth to those who don't often get a chance to experience them.  Find her on Instagram.

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