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Scientists' Warning Into Action: Interview with Phoebe Barnard

October 31, 2021

Phoebe Barnard explains the actions to avert planetary disaster recommended in the new paper "World Scientists' Warning into Action, Local to Global" (SWIA) for world leaders at COP26.

And - anyone with a degree in the natural, social, political and other sciences, e.g. law, sociology, climate adaptation, justice, economics -  please co-sign this important paper:

Even knowing history, are we really doomed to repeat it? 

"Overshoot: the population-consumption conundrum" was the talk by Prof Bill Rees of University of British Columbia at Scientists' Warning Europe on World Population Day 2021.

What's a sustainable global population?  And how do we get there from here?

Stable Planet Alliance advisory board member, Dr Chris Tucker, chair of the American Geographical Society, weighs up the data and some potential goals for humanity.

What kind of a society do we really want?  And how do we get there from here?

Stable Planet Alliance's CEO, Prof Phoebe Barnard, comments on Prof Bill Rees' talk for World Population Day 2021 at Scientists' Warning Europe, soft-launching www.GirlPlanet.Earth

World Population Day Presentation by Prof. Phoebe Barnard
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