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Women for a Stable Planet

You are invited to a women's Conversation Cafe on the challenges of our time

First cafe: Thursday, August 31 : featuring photographer Julie Steelman

1 pm Seattle / 4 pm New York / 9 pm London and Yaoundé / 10 pm Paris and Kigali / 11 pm Nairobi / 8 am Auckland (1 Sept)

Hello wonderful women, The world is changing at a dizzying pace. We need to connect to take action, keep ourselves grounded and prepared for the future. Have you been missing the company of women who understand that everything we know and love is at stake right now from human pressures on our planet? Then come join us for a short series of thought-provoking women-led conversations! Gathered in the embrace of our online intimate circle, with delicious tea, wine, or food by our side, we will help you embark on a transformative journey into the heart of our planet's plight. Through the lens of international award-winning wildlife photographer Julie Steelman, be transported to the captivating landscapes of India, where we'll witness the profound impact of humanity's ever-increasing pressures on wildlife. This uplifting and soul-stirring gathering aims to evoke ecological awareness while igniting a flame of action and advocacy within each of us.

What you will gain from participating in the Women for a Stable Planet 'Conservation Café':

  • Inspirational Awakening: Find inspiration in the resilience of wildlife and the power of collective action, kindling hope and optimism for a shift to a kinder, wiser, sustainable future.

  • A Deeper Connection: Forge meaningful connections with other diverse women, fellow attendees, sharing your concerns, ideas, and aspirations for a healthier planet, and leave with new lasting bonds.

  • Empowered for Change: Equip yourself with practical tools and actionable insights to take purposeful steps in your daily life, contributing to the preservation of our sacred Earth.

Make sure to register below to receive all the login details. Mark your calendar so you can attend live. We will also record the event if you can't make it for any reason, including time zone discomfort...


Your Hosts

PHOEBE BARNARD - CEO of Stable Planet Alliance, scientist, policy strategist, social changemaker and filmmaker

Phoebe's vision is of a wiser, kinder, diverse civilization and a still-diverse planet supporting it. A global change and biodiversity scientist with 34 years working on African national development, she's also a team-builder, conflict-resolver, women's leadership mentor and policy strategist. She founded and led science-based national policy and strategy programs on biodiversity, climate change, and environmental futures in Namibia and South Africa since 1994 and is now Stable Planet's CEO, full professor at University of Washington's Center for Environmental Politics and School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science, and associate researcher at the FitzPatrick Institute and African Climate and Development Initiative of the University of Cape Town.

JULIE STEELMAN - Wildlife photographer, animal activist, mystic philanthropist, podcaster, podcaster, author

Julie Steelman is an international award-winning wildlife photographer. She has been around the world to over 56 countries and traveled pole to pole photographing nature’s wildest animals in the remotest of locations. Julie fell in love with photography as a way to escape a chaotic corporate career after a private encounter with four wild bottlenose dolphins. Julie’s photography has grown from a quest for a personal sense of meaning into a ministry of igniting a sense of reverence for earth in others. Julie’s truth-telling images of wildlife inspire the viewer to care about earth in new ways. She donates her images to science and has been published in multiple books and her videos have been used on The Discovery Channel. Julie has expanded her work into being a money medicine woman, impacting a generation of women to develop financial confidence and accelerate their earning power by working with big cat wisdom.

PAM PENCE - facilitator, healer, business manager and COO of Stable Planet Alliance

Pam is a dedicated humanity and Earth advocate, applying her business, somatic trauma healing, generative discussions facilitator and spiritual guide skills where ever she is led! She’s earned her MBA, CPA, and various certificates as yoga therapist, practitioner of healing modalities and meditation teacher over several careers. Pam awoke to our ecological overshoot after the start of the Covid pandemic, noticing how the sheer number of humans was exacerbating all other issues. With her long-time spiritual perspective she sees that our deeply imbedded belief in separation causes disconnection from ourselves, other humans, non-human beings, ecosystems, and Earth. Pam is working on telling a new story of inter-connectedness and all the beauty and quality of life that can come from this paradigm shift.

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