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I wonder and Death song: two poems

Updated: May 26, 2023

Transdisciplinary ecologist, conservation biologist and environmental philosopher Dr Tom Baugh, now in his 80s, is an acute observer of the natural world and humans' sometimes awkward, sometimes imbedded places in it. His blog Hidden Springs, named after his home and the springs that flow in the hollow beneath his house with his wife Penny, also evokes a metaphor for "those many streams of intellect, creativity and sensitivity that flow from each of us." This poem was first published in the Rapid River Arts and Culture Magazine 26:6(63).

Copperhead snake with typical 'saddle' camouflage pattern. Photo credit:


I wonder, are we reaching an agreement or reconciliation with some of the others? Is it even possible that beast and man-beast (and woman) may someday walk down the path side by side? I wonder how this may be? You see, it has happened to me with a bear up a tree then wandering my way to see who or what I may be.

Or the coyotes that crossed the trail while I was adding berries to my pail. Or the bobcat who sat on the rock across the lane and hissed and complained but stayed there just the same, Or believe it or not the copperhead I picked up in a pile of weeds and then gently sat down (I now look more carefully to see what I can see). I realize the risk of it all but nothing happened and I didn't take a fall. We've had a long arrangement with the birds of the air will we soon be able to do the same with the black shaggy bear. I wonder.


Reprinted from Rapid River Art and Culture Magazine 26:3(79)


Photo credit: Stef in Open Road Odysseys

With each passing day

another species passes away.

forever they say.

With each passing day

thousands of acres burn away,

maybe they’ll grow back someday.

With each passing day

the ice melts away,

and we thought the ice was here to stay.

With each passing day

the seas rise,

and warm clouds fill the skies.

With each passing day

there are more of us,

moving across the face of Earth.

With each passing day

Earth continues to pass away.

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