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Earthlings Gallery

As part of our mission to spotlight humanity’s impact on this exquisite planet, each month we'll showcase compelling photography by women from around the world to inspire conversations, actions and solutions. We are commited to telling the truth about the destabilizing impacts of humans on earth, with a vision of a kinder, wiser, more balanced civilization. 

Sometimes ineffably beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, awful and unflinching, the unique lens of these gifted photographers illuminates the world that is, the world that was, and the world that could be once again. Through nature-based themes, Earthlings Gallery presents passionate, brave and determined individuals working to protect biodiversity, wildlife, domesticated species, and the ecosystems which support us all during and beyond the Anthropocene.

Featured photographer, August 2022:  Jo-Anne McArthur 
Jo-Anne McArthur Photo.jpg

Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning photojournalist, sought-after speaker, photo editor, and the founder of We Animals Media. She has visited over sixty countries to document our complex relationship with animals. This series includes original photographs from animal rescue operations at Ngamba Island Sanctuary, Uganda; animals in captivity at industrial farm sites; portraits from the Unbound series of animal rights and food justice advocates Miyoko Schinner,  Erin Wing and Baltimore-based vegan chef Brenda Sanders, along with images of lab-based sustainable foods innovation. 

Jo-Anne is the author of three books: We Animals (2014), Captive (2017), and HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene (2020), and is the subject of Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall's acclaimed Canadian documentary, The Ghosts in Our Machine. Jo-Anne's photographs have received accolades from Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer of the Year, Big Picture, AEFONA, Picture of the Year International, the Global Peace Award, and others. In 2020, Jo-Anne was thrilled to be a member of the jury for World Press Photo. She hails from Toronto, Canada. 

All gallery photographs ©Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media

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