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Imagine a world - with a restoration economy!

Updated: Apr 7

Imagine a world... with over 1 billion people actively engaged in regenerating our planet by 2050 - maybe even by 2040 - and the restoration of at least 2075 million hectares, at least 200 of the world's major watersheds, and at least 60+ Gt of carbon removed annually from the atmosphere.

That would be an extraordinary, survival-focused shift for our climate, planet and civilization, right?

Well, we feel that the times call for this bold, accelerated, upscaled, global goals-driven effort - since everything we know and love is at stake. And nearly a decade ago, we've written urging that the restoration of this planet and climate - rather than the plundering and polluting - must underlie a future economy.

So in Stable Planet Alliance, we've initiated a parallel venture, a bold global collaboration of ecosystem restoration, climate restoration and youth leadership alliances to upscale, accelerate, and align action around the world in the next decade to 2030, and the next 27 years to 2050. After all, we have a brief, one-time-only opportunity of political momentum with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Please check out this global collaboration and its proposed interim goals. It's at an early stage, and on a temp page on our own website until we can find it an organizational home.

This is an important complement to the human-impact-reducing ecological overshoot work we do in Stable Planet Alliance on public policy and public perceptions and narratives, through 'bending the curve' on our human numbers, appetites, and mindsets.