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Ann Bustamante

Advisor - messaging

Having grown up in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, Ann Bustamante  learned to appreciate the strength and strife of nature.  Her circumstances cast her into communities of varying socioeconomic and environmental statuses, living both in the United States and abroad.  Ann raised two sons, while enjoying growing salal starts and open swims in the Puget Sound.  She has worked nearly two decades on public health initiatives and environmental consulting.  Public health offered a foundation in community resilience and built environment which Ann has applied working on drug-user health, refugee health, maternal-child health and community health.  Ann assisted local jurisdictions and institutions around the state build capacity for community health.  Ann has led programs aimed at toxics and materials reduction - management for small businesses and biocapacity assessments for local jurisdictions.  She translates environmental info into bite size pieces for each audience she works with.  Like many of us advocating for a more sustainable life, Ann does her best to get meaningful messages to any audience.  Ann also has extensive policy preparation experience, and is ready to wield the sharp point of a pen for the right initiatives.  With the belief that we are only the stewards of our collective actions, we need all of us to achieve environmental integrity.

Ann has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from the University of Washington, and is currently a graduate student at the same institution. In 2022, she assumed the role of Environmental Program Chair at the Rainier Club.

Ann Bustamante
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