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Andrew Gaines

Advisor - systems

Andrew Gaines is the instigator of the Great Transition Initiative, a citizen-led educational movement to inspire thoughtful mainstream commitment to doing everything required to transition to a life-affirming global culture. 

His professional background is as a Feldenkrais practitioner, creativity trainer and psychotherapist. He studied philosophy and engineering at Princeton University. He trained in The Natural Step principles of environmental sustainability, and also trained in creative thinking modalities including MG Taylor’s DesignShops, Synectics, and improvisational acting.

Andrew has applied insights into the neurology of improving human performance to creativity, personal development, and large-scale social change.

Andrew was a principal organizer of the Creative thinking forum on transitioning to a viable society in Sydney (2010) and the National Summit on whole system change in Geelong (2011).

Andrew is a Board member of Be The Change Australia, and a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Industry and Commerce).

His books include Creative Conversations, The Witness: Gateway to self-development, and Kitchen Table Conversations.

Andrew Gaines
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