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Protecting children in a warming world

Updated: May 15, 2023

How every nation in the world is breaking the Children's Rights Convention

Legal and ethics scholar Carter Dillard, of Stable Planet Alliance's advisory board, speaks to Planet: Critical podcast host Rachel Donald - also one of our very best new advisors - in this important, uncomfortable conversation about our culpability as adults and the power dynamics which keep children in poverty and misery.

“Family planning systems around the world weren't based on what children need. They were based on what parents want, and largely because world leaders in the 20th century didn't want to invest in children. They didn't want to take all of the wealth at the top and ensure that all children get what they need. In fact, they were willing to privilege their own children, maintaining concentrations of wealth and power, rather than raising up all children.” - Carter Dillard to Rachel Donald. Listen to the full Planet: Critical conversation here.


Carter Dillard is the co-founder of the organization Fair Start Movement, which has developed such a just creation norm as a human rights-based, child-centric and “zero baseline” family planning model with an exponentially greater impact on sustainable development and animal protection than downstream alternatives. His book, Justice as a Fair Start in Life, is available from major bookstores and online outlets.

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