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Out of sight, out of mind - absolving us of a sense of responsibility

Rob Greenfield is an engaging activist provoking us to think more deeply about how lightly, or heavily, we live on Earth. What might happen if we really "owned" our trash, rather than having it whisked mysteriously away by municipal services? At Stable Planet Alliance, we've done our own journeys of cutting out a major component of our waste - plastic trash - completely from our lives. Roughly speaking, the first 50% is pretty easy. The next 20% is pretty hard. And the final 30% is basically impossible for an individual, as it's systemic waste embedded in our production and distribution systems.

This piece acknowledges Rob Greenfield's website with thanks.

The average US American creates 4.5 pounds (>2 kg) of trash per day yet most people never think twice about their trash. Once it’s in the garbage can, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Rob Greenfield wanted to create a visual that would help people understand just how much trash they create and inspire them to make positive changes.

So for 30 days, Rob Greenfield lived just like the average US American and he wore every piece of trash he created. 4.5 pounds a day really adds up when you have to carry it with you everywhere you go.

Through this project, Rob, the award-winning filmmakers at Living on One, and Gary Bencheghib are out to change the throw away mindset and create an unforgettable visual to be used as a tool for positive change for years to come. Learn more about the team and the project here.

Film Watch the Trash Me short films and get inspired.

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Phoebe Barnard
Phoebe Barnard
Sep 07, 2022

Ending hyperconsumption requires mainly systemic change, from the whole premise of our economy and its underpinning values, on down to individual choices. Instead of pointing fingers at one or the other, let's recognize that both individual and systemic change are both necessary and powerful, with 8 billion people on the planet and an additional 80m every year!

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