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Biodiversity early warning systems

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Stable Planet's CEO and Professor of Conservation Biology and Environmental Futures, Phoebe Barnard talks about our exquisite biodiversity on this planet and the importance of systematic programs to tracking species in space and time in a fast-destabilizing planet, in this evening talk in October 2022 to the global raptor conservation and migration nonprofit, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in the Allegheny/Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA, where she was a young research and education intern for the 1982 spring raptor migration. In her career, Phoebe developed the concept of biodiversity early warning systems in southern Africa and the Cascadia Region of North America, and hopes more regions will start systematically recording species atlases and other biodiversity data. The work has been featured in many scientific journals as well as, for example, the World Economic Forum.

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