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For the resilience and stability of our climate and planet,
we must stabilize and reduce our sprawling human impact -

by accelerating the move away from a rampant growth economy, and by investing in empowering, rights-based solutions for women and children.


For 25 years, hardly anyone's spoken about our numbers and our appetites - population and consumption - the two major 'multiplier threats' to our planet.  

It's seemed taboo to talk about both - the unspoken elephant in the room.

But we can't accept that.  Rome is burning.


Stable Planet Alliance and its member organizations and champions - all currently volunteers - are pushing forward to help governments and civil society talk and act swiftly again to bend the curve on population and consumption.  And to help us all face and embrace the mindset shifts that we must make to stabilize and reduce our impact on our planet and climate - through public policy and public conversations.


Ethical, empowering, beneficial, just, women-focused solutions are already available, and still quite possible - when we act soon. 

No more bickering and finger-pointing about who's at fault. 

We must all be part of these most urgent solutions. 


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Check out our global women's dialogue platform on planetary and social health and personal choices:  GirlPlanet.Earth

What Stable Planet Alliance is about. October 28, 2022 - Our CEO, Phoebe Barnard explains our work to our new organizational member, SHE Changes Climate (SCC) - a great new collaboration of two strong, fiesty, determined global alliances of wise women (and our other supporters!)  

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Rome is Burning. The Time is Now. February 18, 2022 - Stable Planet's CEO talks to Population Balance's Nandita Bajaj and Alan Ware: Why did we form the Stable Planet Alliance? How did it emerge from the World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency? Can we actually solve any of our social and environmental crises without reducing population and hyperconsumption? What's the leadership role for women?   Phoebe says she

has become 'stroppy' over the years of inaction by governments, corporations and societies.


Scientists' Warning Into Action: Interview with Phoebe Barnard.  October 31, 2021 - Stable Planet Alliance CEO Phoebe Barnard explains the actions to avert planetary disaster recommended in the new climate action blueprint, "World Scientists' Warning into Action, Local to Global" launched for world leaders at COP26.  The paper is known globally as 'SWIA' for short. Watch it on 1.5x speed for a peppy talk. 


Co-sign this important paper and see a 3-min film on the process here at Scientists' Warning Europe. 

Even knowing history, are we really doomed to repeat it?  July 11, 2021 - "Overshoot: the population-consumption conundrum" was the talk by Stable Planet Alliance patron, Prof Bill Rees of University of British Columbia at Scientists' Warning Europe on World Population Day 2021.

What's a sustainable global population?  And how do we get there from here?  July 11, 2021 - Stable Planet Alliance advisory board member, Dr Chris Tucker, chair of the American Geographical Society, weighs up the data and some potential goals for humanity.