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Paul van Engen

Patron - faiths

Paul van Engen started his careeer in journalism. He is the writer of several books on Dutch politics and finance. After a 10-year stint as editor in chief at media powerhouse Reed Elsevier, Paul's entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start his own media company in 2005. In 2015 he was introduced to decision makers at the Vatican who were interested in connecting the Catholic Church's network with social entrepreneurs and impact investors to create projects that would address the intertwined crises of climate and poverty. He created a new venture called Right Now! in order to launch a meaningful coalition of impact-driven parties.

In 2020 Right Now!, as part of an ad hoc partnership, was involved in preparing an historic gathering of global Faith Leaders, taking place in October 2021. The purpose of the gathering was to call on all humanity to take urgent, radical and responsible action on the climate emergency. As a direct response to the call of the Faith Leaders, Right Now! initiated a new project called Our Planet Our Future, a 10-year campaign to mobilize and activate at least 1.5 billion peole to take measurable climate action. Currently, Paul van Engen is the CEO of Our Planet Our Future.

Paul van Engen
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