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Chris Tucker

Advisor - co-founder

Dr Chris Tucker is a co-founder of Stable Planet Alliance, an author of A Planet of Three Billion, and Chair of the American Geographical Society.  Chris has worked at the intersection of technology, strategy, geography and national security for over two decades. Chris is a serial entrepreneur in the technology sector, and has served on a host of private sector and public sector boards including the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, Open Geospatial Consortium, Open Plans, the US Secretary of Interior’s National Geospatial Advisory Committee, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Defense Science Board Intelligence Task Force, and DNI’s Intelligence Community Strategic Studies Group.  Chris’s work with the Stable Planet Alliance emphasizes a geographically-grounded understanding of the demographic stress on our planet, leading to climate catastrophe and ecological collapse.  Chris advocates for increased investment in women and girls not only as a good in and of itself, but also to hasten the inevitable demographic transition in order to bring humanity into balance with our planet.  He sees increasing women's roles in security, stability and peacekeeping as key to achieving this goal.

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