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Amy Lewis

Advisor - rewilding

Amy Lewis is the WILD Foundation's Acting Co-President, and has spent the last 15 years researching the building blocks  of collective action. She has brought this knowledge to bear in her own  work as an award-winning nonprofit leader and as a scholar of  environmental policy. Her research explores the relationship between  democratic decision-making and policies that benefit the environment.  Nothing inspires Amy more than a good mystery, and she delights in  uncovering the deep forces that determine a society’s political and  ecological future. Amy employs her knowledge and skills at the WILD  Foundation, aligning her personal goals with WILD’s mission to activate  an international ethic of care for wildlife and wild places. In addition  to lending her support to a growing community of people taking action  to keep Earth wild, Amy is also finishing the last two chapters of her  doctoral dissertation, something she has resolved will be completed  before the conclusion of this decade.

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