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Abidemi Raji

Advisor - gender

Dr Islamiat Abidemi Raji, known as Abi, is a young ecologist and educator passionate about biodiversity conservation, people and their relationship with the environment. She holds a PhD degree in ecological sciences from University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, a master’s degree in conservation biology and ornithology from the University of Jos, Nigeria and a bachelor’s degree in forestry and wildlife management, University of Ilorin. Her research interests include ecosystem services, land-use impacts on biodiversity, and behavioural ecology, and community development. As a student, Abidemi volunteered with non-governmental organizations and universities in Nigeria and South Africa as a bird bander, bat ecologist, citizen scientist, research and support teacher. She is a changemaker and has led several environmental awareness creation projects among university and secondary school students with the goal of sustainable biodiversity management.

Abidemi Raji
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