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On humanity’s evolution to an ecocentric view of Nature’s value

Updated: Mar 26

“The storyteller of an environmentalism that has to do with liberating humans, an environmentalism based on freedom, I honestly believe that voice will come from the global south. It will not come from Eurocentric cultures, quite frankly, that have had hegemony over the process to date and have failed.” -Carter Dillard

This conversation between Jack Humphrey and Stable Planet Alliance advisor Carter Dillard was published March 24, 2023 as The Rewilding Earth Podcast. You can listen to it here in its original form.

  • Anthropocentric vs. ecocentric approach toward conservation and rights of nature

  • Moving toward a “town hall” version of governance vs. current system of “shopping mall” growth at any cost

  • Moving humanity closer to a view of nature for its own sake

Download the transcript from today’s episode (PDF)

Extra Credit
  • The basis for this episode: ­­­The Secret War on Natural Rights—and Children | Opinion

  • Recent Newsweek article by Carter: Today’s Trolley Problem: Only One Track Leads to the Future | Opinion

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